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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

GM Promises Plug-in Hybrid SUV

GM was supposed to have a plug-in hybrid Saturn Vue in 2011.  But with Saturn production ending, GM is re-arranging things.

General Motor's new product development chief, Tom Stephens, is now saying (source: The Associated Press: GM promises plug-in hybrid by early 2011) a new plug-in hybrid SUV in early 2011.  It will only be for fleet testing, but it would be there.  GM will conduct the testing with U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) and nonprofit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) fleets in early 2011. (source: autonews)

GM will be modifying their two-mode hybrid system with a larger battery pack and plug.  The plug-in Vue was expected to get 35 mpg or better, but it's uncertain what a new SUV plug-in will get.

Ford is already testing a plug-in version of their SUV Escape and Toyota is already road testing a plug-in Prius, so GM is a bit behind with this announcement.  But I guess they had to think about how they were going to compensate for the loss of the plug-in Vue.

No word on what brand or vehicle would get the plug-in technology.

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